After more than one year in the grip of a global pandemic, our daily lives have changed extensively. The way we work, travel, socialize and decompress have all undergone strange transformations. And these changes have begun to be reflected in the way we use language.


Many language learners are watching movies to improve their listening comprehension and pick up new words. Some like to just immerse themselves in the foreign language with foreign subtitles, others watch it with foreign audio and subtitles in their native languages, but no matter how you’ve been doing it, learning…

Part 2: Rock That Body

After having looked very briefly at the general system of Stoic physics and cosmology in , and how it forms the basis for Stoic ethics, today I’d like to get a bit more into the nitty gritty of Stoic causality.

Let’s get physical!

We already noted that the Stoics were so-called physicalists

A different view of the cosmos and our place in it

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Founded around 300 BCE by Zeno of Citium, the Hellenistic school of Stoicism has recently come to the fore again, popularized by YouTube channels and easily shareable pithy quotes on Facebook and Twitter.

And when I read how Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are embracing “Stoicism”, taking cold showers to improve their…

German and English are both Germanic languages, so not only do they share some grammatical features but also have a lot of similar words. For example, when you know English and you hear the German word “Haus” you immediately know what it means: house. …

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Lately, an interesting writing app has been making the rounds. It’s called , and it promises to “make your writing bold and clear”.

The way it works is that you type or paste in a few paragraphs, and then the app will try to highlight long and complicated sentences, unnecessary…

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Slaying dragons and fighting epic space battles may be an entertaining way to kill some time, but it’s not exactly what most people would associate with learning a new language.

Sure, it’s easy to change the in-game language of your favorite first person shooter or RPG, but what’s the use…


A meditation on the world of stuff.

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As human beings, we live in a world of things. There are small ones, big ones, raggedy, round and shiny things all around us. Some of these things are made in factories, others are made by hand. Some are complex, others seemingly simple. Some are expensive, others are cheap. …

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Everyone who has ever seriously tried to learn a new language knows that it is hard work. Perhaps the best proof for this simple fact is the onslaught of shady offers with promises like: “The Secret Method Nobody Wants You To Know! Learn German in 10 Days!” — “Master Japanese…

On the striking similarity between Buddhism and Stoicism

When spiritual teachers from the East first started arriving in the West in the 60s and 70s, many young people who had grown weary of the Judeo-Christian tradition and everything that it stood for in terms of societal and cultural norms found a brand new world laid open before them.

André Klein

Born in Germany, currently living in Israel, André Klein is the founder of and author of various books and short stories in English and German.

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